What Is Reef Safe Sunscreen?

What Is Reef Safe Sunscreen?

Have you ever seen a school of colorful fish swimming together, or a majestic sea turtle gliding gracefully through the water?! The ocean is home to an abundance of unique and beautiful creatures that make our world a more magical place. However, with human activity and toxic chemicals wreaking havoc in the waters, the health of our reefs are in danger.
Without healthy reefs, these stunning creatures lose their homes and we lose the opportunity to witness their beauty. That's why it's important to protect our reefs and the creatures that call them home. We can do this by carefully choosing which products we use while in the ocean, being mindful of our waste and pollution, and supporting organizations that work towards reef conservation.

Coral reefs are one of the most colorful, magnificent and biodiverse ecosystems on the planet, but they are also one of the most fragile. To protect ourselves from the harmful effects of the sun, many of us rely on sunscreen. Although, not all sunscreens are created equal, and some can be harmful on our glorious reefs and aquatic life. Here we'll talk a little bit about our reefs and how to protect them.

Pretty much everyone loves the sunshine! You'd have to be silly not to. The sun is a powerful source of energy and it's essential for life. However, even with all the benefits the sun provides it can also be damaging to our skin and our skincare products can be harmful to coral reefs.

Many sunscreens contain harmful chemicals. For example, benzophenone-3, also known as oxybenzone, is an ingredient that penetrates the skin and is also used to help other chemicals penetrate the skin. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 97 percent of Americans have this chemical circulating in our bodies. Also, this chemical is listed as a direct cause of coral bleaching and can be fatal and severely damaging to reefs. It is also potentially toxic to other aquatic life. Although this is not the only harmful chemical to steer away from, I'd definitely avoid any products containing this!

Fear not! Not all sunscreens are bad. Not only can a sunscreen be safe for the reef but it can also provide health benefits to your skin! There are safe alternatives such as an all natural mineral based sunscreen containing ingredients that are reef safe. If you carefully read the ingredients and choose a product with all natural ingredients you can do wonders for the world and your skin! However, keep in mind that there are no federal regulations defining the use of words like 'green' or 'natural' when it pertains to sunscreens, cosmetics or body care products. So it’s important to read the labels and choose a product wisely.
To ensure the survival of these vital habitats, a combination of conservation efforts is necessary. Try supporting companies that are working to protect our reefs, minimize pollution from land-based activities, and use skincare products that don't hurt our ecosystems. Additionally, raising awareness and educating the public about the importance of coral reefs can help inspire collective action to protect them. By working together to prioritize the health of our oceans, we can help ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the incredible beauty and benefits of these invaluable ecosystems!